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    1, less cost

           Due to unified procurement, vendor price must be reduced, relative to its own purchasing small quantities, the cost is low. Plus operating experience Liyuanchun food, reducing unnecessary duplication and waste of each link, Liyuanchun food restaurant franchise in making a rigorous scientific operation system health operations.

    2, low risk

           Since franchisees use Liyuanchun food enterprises for many years formed the trademark style fast food market visibility and management experience in business, risks alone start the initial phase of the hardships and experiences encountered much smaller than fumble.

    3, the brand is good

           Liyuanchun series of instant noodles food business for many years, by many loyal consumers trust and praise, has high visibility and reputation. Liyuanchun food franchisee Corporation under the protection of a registered trademark can be quickly recognized and accepted by consumers, Liyuanchun food will get better results than its own brand was founded.

    4, good management

           Investors enter a relatively unfamiliar industries, need most is expertise and management experience, to explore if their own independent set of management methods, time-consuming and laborious, but not necessarily apply. By joining the franchise network, even if the person did not have any experience, but also immediate access to a full set of mature sound expertise headquarters, training Liyuanchun food restaurant management experience, management skills. And the headquarters will provide assistance in accordance with the difficulties encountered by franchisees in each period, and solve problems.

    5, effective marketing,

           Liyuanchun food catering headquarters senior planning expert for marketing planning, can provide timely product, price, promotion, distribution channels and other aspects of the plan for the franchisee, the franchisee to enhance the probability of success of the promotion, so that franchisees can be committed to the franchise management.