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        The company "The Legendary Spring" series of instant noodles using the latest high-tech technology formula developed from. The product is well-formulated, packaged elegant, unique flavor, set incense, acrid, crisp, sweet taste in one. Dry food, sweet and crisp, delicious, brew containing the soft and tough, lingering aftertaste, is to go to school, travel, ideal food supper. Liyuanchun cards, instant noodles existing series more than 20 varieties of the best-selling products in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, more than ninety counties and regions, with first-class products, first-class quality, first-class service , first-class reputation and preferential prices to win the praise of consumers.

        The company is a member of Ethnic Affairs Henan Province was identified as "halal food production enterprises." Ministry of Agriculture awarded the "quality management standards enterprises", Shangqiu City Quality and Technical Supervision was identified as "key service units", as "advanced quality management unit," Trade and Industry Bureau and the private Association awarded the "Bright Star" honor title, was named the "consumer trust products", "consumer favorite products," Consumer Association, has been through the national "QS" food production certification. The enterprises in January 2005 through the "ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification." February 2005 was identified Shangqiu City People's Government as "the industrialization of agriculture focused on leading enterprises".

        With the pace of economic globalization and the accelerated development of the new economy, eat - the food is the eternal human need, convenience, nutrition, delicious is the need for the higher pursuit. In recent years, the production and consumption of convenience food has always maintained a good momentum of growth. Wherein the instant noodles is to become the vanguard of the enterprise. The county is located in the Huang-Huai Agricultural Development, humid climate, it is a national commodity grain production base, good wheat quality, high yield, moderate gluten content. Wheat yield and quality of the company's instant noodles ensure product quality, to protect the company demand for raw materials, the company produced "The Legendary Spring" brand instant noodles in Sulu Yu-wan surrounding market forefront, the company nearly two years of production and marketing rate of more than 99.3%.