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    Henan Liyuanchun Food Technology Co., Ltd. on August 7, 2000 incorporated, registered type of limited liability company, registered capital of 31 million yuan. Companies located in Yucheng County, industrial clustering and grinding Portland Avenue, the western part, covering 80 acres. Location for the national high-quality wheat production base, Sulu Yu-wan fringe --- Henan Provincial Highway 36 on the south side, south even Huo high-speed, north of the Longhai railway, transport facilities, in prime locations.

        My company: instant noodles, agricultural marketing, goods and technology import and export business. Middle class now has 200,000 packets of instant noodles automatic large-scale production line 4, automatic small food production line 2 sets of middle class 200 tons of flour production line 1 set, is a collection cultivation, production, processing and sales of agricultural products processing enterprises.

        My company adhere to the people-oriented, always put mobilize their enthusiasm and creativity in the first place, the staff both younger, better educated and professional, is a very sophisticated technical personnel combinations. Through internal training and external hiring combined, in the train people, selection, employment principle mold people, adhere to the people-oriented, the development of qualified personnel as a systematic project step by step, the full implementation of the "talent strategy" project, to build a can accommodate the rapid development of the enterprise and the knowledge economy and the times of highly qualified personnel.

        My company, "Li Yuan Chun" brand series of products using high-tech technology formula developed from. The product is well-formulated, packaged elegant, unique flavor, set incense, acrid, crisp, sweet taste in one. Dry food, sweet and crisp, delicious, brew containing the soft and tough, lingering aftertaste, is to go to school, travel, ideal food supper. "The Legendary Spring" brand instant noodles braised beef noodles, bottled face, self-heating barrel surface and dry to eat more than twenty varieties of sesame crisp surfaces, the best-selling products in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui and other ninety multiple counties and regions. And exported to more than ten countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Iraq, Israel, etc., especially in 2014 the company developed self-designed "self-heating bottled instant noodles" won a national invention patents, to fill gaps. Since 2000 production has been taken to sound business strategy, avoiding the high-end market competition, leading to the popularity of the product for the target consumer group, give full play to the advantage of cheap labor and raw materials resources, make instant noodles production value, profit maintained momentum year after year.

        Our annual effective various documents complete with National industrial production permit, People's Republic of China import and export business license, Henan Province were identified as members of ethnic affairs, "halal food production enterprises." Ministry of Agriculture awarded the "quality management standards enterprises", Shangqiu City Quality and Technical Supervision was identified as "key service units", "advanced quality management unit," Trade and Industry Bureau and the Private Enterprise Association jointly awarded the "Bright Star," the honorary title , is Consumers Association as "consumer trust products", "consumer favorite products" has been through the national "QS" food production certification. The enterprises in January 2007 through the "ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification in December 2012 once again been recognized Shangqiu Municipal People's Government." Focus on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises, "the title in 2012 and Henan famous TV show host," Pang Yao Ge "signed long-term endorsement contracts. With the pace of economic globalization and the accelerated development of the new economy, snack foods is the eternal human need, convenience, nutrition, delicious is the need to pursue the higher in recent years to facilitate food production and consumption always maintained a good momentum of growth in which instant noodles is to become the industry pacesetter. My area is located in the Huang-Huai Agricultural Development, humid climate, it is a national commodity grain production base, good wheat quality, high yield, moderate gluten content of wheat yield quality of product quality to ensure that the company's instant noodles, to protect the company demand for raw materials, our company produced "The Legendary Spring" brand instant noodles in the market place with neighboring Sulu Yu-wan forefront, the company nearly two years of production and marketing rate of more than 99.3%. The company planning the next five years, through the implementation of brand pull and market driven strategy, the company more on a new level.

        Company website: www.jeezycirculate.com

        E-mail: liyuanchun666@126.com